No Country League Season Start (BST+2h) Home Team Final Away Team Status First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter Full Time Half Time Over Time
001 USA WNBA RS 19:30 CHI SKY - IND FEVER NotStartYet - - - - - - -
002 PHILIPPINES PBA PO-F 14:00 TNT KA TROPA 102-97 SAN MIGUEL BEERMEN Finished 27-24 22-23 49-47 24-29 102-97 49-47 -
003 ARGENTINA LNB PO-SF 03:00 QUILMES 80-89 SAN LORENZO CABA Finished 14-16 22-27 36-43 19-20 80-89 36-43 -
004 USA WNBA RS 02:00 CON SUN 79-87 LA SPARKS Finished 17-27 22-18 39-45 17-23 79-87 39-45 -
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